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HSM Rolls

HSM Rolls

2014-09-20 Author:admin

Enhanced Indefinite Chill Cast Iron Roll (En-ICDP)

The enhanced indefinite chilled cast rion roll is developed basing on the traditional ICDP. By adding the element of V, W, Ti, Nb, the wear resistance of the En-IDCP is improved. By the graphite formed inside the material, En-ICDP gets a better performance to prevent the thermal crack and the performance of anti thermal fatigue is improved.

High Chrome Cast Steel Roll (HiCrI)

High Chromium Cast steel roll is manufacturerdwith special process of triple casting and double duplex technology. High chromium cast steel roll is characterized by high nipping capability, high thermal resistance and high wear resistance.

Enhanced High Chromium Cast Iron Roll (En-HiCr)

Enhanced high chromium cast iron roll is widely applied as work roll of the front stand of HSM. The constitutions are characterized by 20-30% of M7C3 carbides of great hardness evenly distributed in the matrix of tempered Martensite so that the durability and anti-thermal fatigue performance are great.

High Speed Steel Roll (HSS)

The microstructure of HSS roll shows fine and diffuse carbide of MC and M6C embedded in the Martensite. The performance of wear resistance, thermal hardness and thermal fatigue resistance of HSS roll is excellent.

HSM Rolls