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Cast Rolls

Cast Rolls

2014-09-20 Author:admin

Non Continuous Carbide Rolls (NCC)

Rolls for rough stand mills require a combination of some properties, some of which can be counteracted by the others. These properties include wearability, resistance of fire cracking and impact, hot hardness and hot strengh etc. Excessive network carbides will improve wearability and impact resistance but dramatically reduce fracture toughness. Under rough rolling process they can promote fire cracking formation and added to form Bainitic/Martensitec (acicular) matrix, which is more wearable than conventional pearlitic matrix. The Molybdenum can also improve the hot hardness of rolls.
This type of roll is manufactured from high alloy materials with special heat treatment. Carbide content in the matrix is less than 5%, which is satisfactory to the requirement of rough stand mill.

Bainitic Nodular Cast Iron Rolls (SGA)

Alloy elements of Ni、Mn、Cr、Mo etc., are added to bainitic nodular cast iron rolls for obtaining acicular (bainite-martensite) matrix in its microstructure of these rolls. Its strength and toughnes are higher than Perlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rolls, wearability is also better than latter. These rolls can be produced by static casting and centrifugal casting.

Clear Chilled Rolls (CC)

Alloy chilled cast iron rolls are one kind of cast iron rolls, which contain almost no free graphite in the matrix of working layer of the barrel. They have hardness and excellent wearabillity, are suitable to finish stands of light bar and wire rolling mills and narrow strip mills. Its microstructure is fine pearlite and carbides.

Alloy Nodular Cast Iron Rolls (SG)

These rolls are characterized by spherical graphite. Its mechanical properties are similar to that of alloy indefinite chilled rolls except that its strength is higher than the latter. They can be produced by static.

Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rolls (SGP)

Pearlitic nodular rolls are obtained by adding alloy elements of Ni, Cr, Mo into the nodular cast iron and following special heat treatment. Pearlitic nodular rolls have high strength,  good thermal properties and resistance to emergencies as well as small hardness gradient of working layer.

Adamite Rolls (AD)

Adamite is a material, mechanical properties and carbon content of which stands between steel and iron. Owing to its alloy elements such as Ni、Cr、Mo etc, there are some amount of carbides in the matrix and because of certain special heat treatment technology, high wearability, good toughness and excellent resistance to fire crack is obtained. The biggest advantage of these rolls is almost no hardness gradient in the working layer. These rolls are used in rough mills and front stands of the finish mill for hot strip mills, rough stands, intermediate stands and pre-finishing stands for bar and wire mills, roll rings and roll sleeves for universal mills and cantilever mills.

Pearlitic Nodular Cast Iron Rolls (SGP)

Alloy Cast Steel Rolls (AS)

Alloy cast steel rolls are made of high quality steel melted with variable frequency furnace and finished with advanced foundry and heat treatment technologies. Our rolls have mechanical properties of high tensile strength, excellent resistance to fire crack, high wearability and toughness. These rolls are mainly composed of pearlite (or temper sorbite) in the microstructure.

High Speed Steel Rolls (HSS)

HSS rolls have high hardness and good wear resistance at high temperature. These rolls are manufactured by Centrifugal Casting (CC) method and the roll core is filled with spheroidal graphite cast iron. The adequate chemical composition control and proper heat treatment ensures the hardness of roll working layer to reach as high as 80-85HSC. Uniformly distributed complex carbides of Vanadium, Tungsten, Niobium and Molybdenum in the martensitic matrix ensures uniform hardness of working layer and uniform wear out in the roll passes. These types of rolls are used for finishing stands to increase productivity and improve surface quality of rolled piece.

Graphite Steel Roll (GS)

The characteristics of graphite steel rolls are similar to those of adamite rolls. The main character is that it contains a small amount of fine graphite in its microstructure, which will increase its resistance to fire crack and prevent oxidized scales from adhering. They are suitable for blooming and roughing stands.


We produce various qualities for sleeves and roll shaft, such as SGP, SGA, Adamite, GT Adamite.


Cast Rolls